Saturday, December 6, 2008

Red Hot Sissy Belly Dance: "I'm Just a Sissy"

It is always delightful to watch a sissy celebrate and embrace her sissy femininity through belly dance. Red Hot Reviews came upon this fun dance video featuring sissy sandra. Check out how this bitch "shakes her thang" like a red hot sissy belly-dancing slut! Belly dancing is such a feminine and sensual dance, and is highly recommended for all experienced and aspiring sissies to be.

What is your favorite sissy song? We urge all sissies to create their very own sissy dance video to their favorite sissy song in order to embrace their sissy self! Email us at if you would like us to feature your video here on Red Hot Sissy Reviews.

Red Hot Review:

For those of you sissies and crossdressers who have that secret desire to be "taken like a woman" by another male, this site caters to you! Red Hot Sissy Reviews subscribed to the site and was pleased with the vast amount of pictures and videos of sissies getting sissified, sucking cock and getting fucked like the sissy bitch that they are. There are tons of hi-res pictures and the DVD quality videos can be burned onto a cd so that you can own your very own sissy sex home video library.

Click here for a great mini-clip sample of some sissy sex ass penetration! sums it all up for sissies on their site:

Hello, girls. We are glad to welcome you at our site, which name speaks for itself - here crossdressers and gays from the whole world are indulging in their secret forbidden fantasies. If in your sex fantasies you are dressed up as a gorgeous woman and you're getting fucked by a strong muscular stud, then you're in the right place. There is a wonderful variety of plotlines and fantasies that are waiting for you at our site, all of them are about transformation of a man into a woman, so you will enjoy the exciting process of pulling up female see-through panties and pantyhose, putting on make-up, trying on skirts and dresses; then there is more stuff that's waiting for you inside including thrilling erotic adventures, various sexy situations that a man dressed like a woman can get into, and, of course, terrific and highly arousing scenes of perverted sex where one man disguised as a woman is giving in to another man. Apart of exciting erotic fantasies you will find a lot of other things so necessary for a crossdresser or a gay – look for the master classes in make-up and wig wearing, special lessons for putting on stockings and pantyhose and other stuff at our site.

Check out all the free samples of pics on the site! You will not be disappointed!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

StrapOn Jane: The British Queen Fetishist

StrapOn Jane is a premiere British fetishist who specialized in the Domination and submission of sissies and male submissives, as well as women. Her site contains exclusive fetish content that is updated twice a week to include exclusive pictures and videos of strapon action and sissy Domination. Fetish Queen Jane's fierce British accent, big black strapon dildo and Dominant attitude will cause any sissy to spill her sissy juice all over her frilly panties. Below are some sample video clips of StrapOn Jane dominating sissies. After clicking on each click, sissies will then need to click on each of the pictures in order to start the mini-video clip. The Windows media player will start after click on each of the four pictures on each link:

Sample Video #1
Sample Video #2
Sample Video #3
Sample Video #4
Sample Video #5
Sample Video #6
Sample Video #7
Sample Video #8
Sample Video #9
Sample Video #10
Sample Video #11
Sample Video #12
Sample Video #13

If you are into strapon action and forced strapon cocksucking, StrapOn Jane's site is the place for you! All sissies can click around on Her site and see tons of sample pics that Fetish Queen Jane has taken. Click on pic to enlarge and link to Her site:

Friday, November 21, 2008

Alternative Sex Personals is a sissy's wet dream! A sissy can find many Dominant women in their local area who are searching for sissies to feminize and sissify. The registration is free to join and the site has many wonderful features such as: erotic photos, blogs, explicit web cams, and instant message chatting. The women on the site are amateur and lifestyle Dominant women who can't wait to dress sissies up and engage in sissy training of all types-cocksucking, strap on, forced name it and they will make you do it!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Red Hot Sissy Blogette Interview: sissy slave jamie

Red Hot Sissy Reviews would like to feature the sissy and cuckolding blog of sissy slave jamie, property of Wife Mistress Phoenix. Our featured blogette documents her fascinating sissy journey, as well as her experiences being the sissy cuckold of her Mistress Wife. Red Hot Reviews took the opportunity to ask sissy slave jamie a few questions and here are her answers:

1. How long have you been married? Were you both into the bdsm lifestyle before being married?

Domina and I have been married for 2 ½ years now. Yes W/we were both in the bdsm lifestyle before being married. I had been involved with our local bdsm support group and Domina and I met through it. W/we were together for a couple years before W/we got married.

2. How did your cuckold relationship with your Mistress wife emerge?

I actually brought it up to Domina first. I was rather obsessed with the subject through many stories, forums and those captioned pictures. Domina had told me before that She was poly and I was being drawn to trying feminization and I felt that cuckolding was natural for the course of things. When I first brought up the subject Domina listened closely and was agreeable. After a few days She told me that She couldn’t do it. She thought it would be mean to me. I told Her that I understood that it can be practiced in varying degrees. She wanted to drop it. Several months later She said She thought about it and knew that it turned me on and kind of turned it into Her idea.

3. Were you a sissy before you were married? What is your experience with being a sissy?

After thinking about it for awhile, Domina and I both realized that I have been pretty feminine most of my life. As I pursued masculine roles in my past I just didn’t seem to fit. After W/we met I asked Domina if W/we could try aspects of feminization. I have always been fascinated with Female Domination, D/s and servitude. When I first entered the D/s lifestyle I thought of myself as a male submissive. For some reason after time and especially after meeting Domina I was drawn to seeing myself as a sissy girl. Everyday I bring Domina food and drinks as well as things She asks for on my knees and curtsy when dismissed. When I do good Domina says, “Good girl”. I wear 100% female clothing all the time although most of the time it is fairly androgynous. I carry a messenger bag as my purse. I wear makeup. I take care of Domina’s house since I am not presently working although that has to change very soon.

4. How have you evolved into being more or more of a sissy over time?

She would have me paint Her toenails and have me paint my big toes with the same color as Hers. It did turn me on. Soon She had me paint all my toenails. Then it was panties. I hadn’t been wearing men’s underwear for awhile and had been going commando. But now I am wearing strictly female panties. It was a lot like “Tipping Points” that Miss D wrote about in Her blog awhile back. I seemed to be drawn more and more to girly things. Emasculization is another area that really turned me on. There is something erotic about removing masculinity from me and becoming more and more feminine. Domina soon told me She preferred me girly. Now I wear strictly feminine clothing although it’s probably a more androgynous look most of the time.

5. What is the best thing about being a sissy?

I feel that I am more submissive and docile for my Mistress. I love learning more and more of feminine dress, makeup and how to feel and move feminine. I love feeling girly and love the fact that Domina and my family accept me for who and what I am.

6. What is hard about being a sissy?

One thing that’s hard for me is the thought that I might be disappointing Domina. She said at the beginning that if She had wanted a girl She would have stayed with Her girlfriend. But She is happy with it now.

7. Is there anything else that you want to let everyone know about you?

I love Domina and seek to make Her life easier and better. Also, besides my blog I host and administer the D/s Discussion board at:


You can find sissy slave jamie's blog here.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

~Welcome to Red Hot Sissy Reviews~

The main purpose of this site is to provide reviews of all things sissy. We will include paid and free website reviews, links to sissy blogs, books, movies, phone sex and anything else that might be pertinent to the forced feminization lifestyle. If you are a sissy, sissy maid, sissy slut, crossdresser, or sissy bitch you will find as many resources here as possible to fuel your insatiable addiction to sissification and enforced feminization. Have fun and feel free to contact Red Hot Reviews at if you would like to offer a suggestion for something to be included on our reviews blog.