Saturday, September 5, 2009

Try Not to Get Addicted!!

Our sissy secretary fell off the face of the Earth and came crawling back on her hands and knees, confessing that she disappeared because she was addicted to the free sissy video clips on Believe it or not-the nerve of that little hussy!

We had her log in and show us around and we think that all you sissies out there might also like some of what has to offer! It's free to sign up and there are tons of video clips, blogs, pictures, cams, etc. There is so much on that site! You can even buy additional clips if you want.

What you will need to do is this:
-Sign up for free
-When you log in, find the "search rude content" search box at the top of the page
-Type in whatever you would like to search for!

We typed in "sissy", and up popped video excerpts of Dominas who specialize in feminization, sissy humiliation, forced feminization, gay sissy sex, chastity, and the list goes on and on! There were also loads of videos of sissies, sissies, and sissies galore!

Girls, make sure you have some tissue because you're bound to spill some of your sissy juice!

Let us know how you like it! In the meantime, we've staged a intervention for our sissy secretary and we are only permitting her to view the website on a very strict schedule! Wish her luck!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sissy Reviews Updates

We haven't been posting in a while, but we will start to be more regular!

We are in the process of accepting sissy stories written by sissies! If you have a sissy story that you would like to see featured here, please email it to us at It MUST be a story that you wrote yourself! Lucky sissies might have the opportunity to make their story into a podcast with a few Dommes and other sissies.

Pretty soon, we will be having a free sissy giveaway of a sissy book! Stay tuned!!

Do you have any recommendations for any great sissy blogs that you either read or write? Leave them in the comments section here, because we would really like to link to them!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Club Crossdresser: Best Amateur Content on the Net!!

Club Crossdresser is updated on a weekly basis and has an extensive collection of amateur crossdresser photos and videos. All members receive full access to the site's crossdressing community! If you are a crossdresser, admirer, panty lover, stocking lover, or tgirl then this is the site for you! You can click on the "free tour" section of the site here and have access to some of the pictures that are on the site.

Below are some sample amateur crossdresser pics that can be found on the site:

Sample Pics #1
Sample Pics #2
Sample Pics #3
Sample Pics #4
Sample Pics #5
Sample Pics #6
Sample Pics #7
Join now!!